I have continued working within a limited space but the bonus is the volume I make, which means I am exploring, pushing, extending. In June I photographed 160 works from the first half of this year. These paintings are mostly small and on paper, 80 are A3, but also include work on canvas and boards. Generally I feel comfortable using non-objective to describe my process, but abstract, by-product, random and post-minimalist also suit.

The images below link to 3 groups: canvas and boards, A3 works on paper, and assorted works.

©Schwab2021, B. citriodora Blue, 30x30cm, acrylic on board

2021 canvas and boards


©Schwab2021, separated stripes, 42x30cm, acrylic on paper

2021 A3 paintings on paper


©Schwab2021, offcuts speaking, approx 50x40cm, acrylic and ink on paper

2021 assorted work