My small studio space has had the bonus of productive volume, which means I am exploring, pushing, extending my processes. (In June I photographed 160 works made in the first half of this year.) Most of these paintings are small, 80 are A3 on paper but also include work on canvas and boards. Generally I feel comfortable using non-objective to describe my process, but abstract, by-product, random and post-minimalist also suit.

The images below link to 3 groups: canvas and boards, A3 works on paper, and assorted works.

©Schwab2021, B. citriodora Blue, 30x30cm, acrylic on board

2021 canvas and boards

©Schwab2021, separated stripes, 42x30cm, acrylic on paper

2021 A3 paintings on paper

©Schwab2021, offcuts speaking, approx 50x40cm, acrylic and ink on paper

2021 assorted work