©Schwab2018 lot64-rat-bait-box, 30x42cm-acrylic-on-laserprint

Lot64 rat bait box

the warm/cool change – is used to highlight my concept rather than a direct change of mood. The opalescence/translucence references opals and their changing value affected by colour.
overall concept,
1- red is the rarest colour in opals giving it greater value, colour is a common discrimination trigger.
2- lot64 is a painting by Albert Namatjira, an Australian aboriginal partially accepted for his unusual European skills.
3- rats arrived in Australia with the colonists, they are an ongoing pest problem treated with rat bait stations.
4- the translucence of the rat bait station depicts today’s society looking through our present problems at the past, seeing a distorted reality.
5- the material I painted on is flimsy, non archival laser printer paper, highlighting the values and the fickle nature of the art market.